dak, under the bus.

dak, under the bus.
after getting knocked out of the playoffs, the cowboys team account tweeted: “dak prescott gave away the ball twice in the narrow loss to the 49ers, in a matchup the cowboys had a chance to win if they didn’t again generate self-inflicted wounds”. sb nation couldn’t believe they trashed their own qb like that
  • you just don’t see teams dog their own guys like this
  • and it’s especially nuts bc you know multiple ppl had to sign off on the tweet before it went out
  • he did play poorly, but sheesh
  • this is *your* quarterback, dallas!
huffpo said the tweet shocked a lot of people. roy wood jr wondered, “what happened to [the] ‘ol, ’we fought hard, see ya next season’”?!
  • jeff erman: “i’m not sure i’ve ever seen a team’s official twitter account throw the star player under the bus like this”
  • donovan mitchell: “team account posting this is weak bruh!!!”
  • chris mueller: “still kind of surprised this one hasn’t come down”
espn’s herm edwards was also floored. it’s a team game -- it’s not right to blame one guy for a loss. *fans* can do it, said awful announcing, but teams def cannot!
  • this is how relationships between teams and players break down
  • when you lose it’s gotta be about the whole team, not one player
  • edwards suggested, “this is a little bit of the dallas cowboys’ problem. it’s always someone else’s fault”
dak accepted the blame tho and said bluntly: “i’ve got to be better”. nfl.com agreed -- he was lucky to have only thrown 2 picks
  • dak said the offense has to score more, and that’s on him
  • he threw 2 first-half interceptions, 1 in the red zone
  • and he missed a ton of other passes
  • sometimes quarterbacks take too much heat, but in this case he deserves it
stephen a. smith said dak was “primarily responsible for losing that game”. he’s supposed to be the team leader, but he was outdone by a 3rd-string rookie
  • smith said dak “stunk up the joint”
  • 9ers rookie qb brock purdy is good, but dak is supposed to be better
  • this loss is on him, plain and simple
and while cowboys linebacker micah parsons didn’t call dak out by name, he also thought the loss was on the offense, wrote larry brown sports. the defense did its job!
  • parsons said that only allowing one touchdown should have been enough to win
  • it’s a fair point!
  • the dallas defense limited playmakers deebo samuel and christian mccaffrey
  • the offense just needed to come through, but it didn’t
the loss dropped dak’s playoff record to 2-4. he’s had a few decent postseason games, said sportskeeda, but this was probably his worst one ever
  • the 2 picks he threw were really bad
  • it’s not unfair to pin this loss on him
  • unless he plays better the cowboys aren’t gonna make any deep playoff runs
owner jerry jones reaffirmed his commitment to dak after the game tho, reported si. cowboys fans can expect more of the same!
  • the cowboys haven’t gotten past the divisional round of the playoffs in 27 years (and counting)
  • “it could be time for the cowboys to take a long hard look in the mirror”
  • but jones said he’s sticking with dak and head coach mike mccarthy
  • looks like we’re in for another year of under-performing!