desantis bans african american studies.

desantis bans african american studies.
the florida department of education blocked a new ap class -- african american studies -- from being taught in florida high schools. desantis said it violated florida’s “stop woke” act
  • ap stands for “advanced placement”, and its curriculum is put out by college board
  • the florida dept of education said they were willing to reconsider if college board proposed “lawful, historically accurate” content
  • “stop woke” prevents certain subjects from being taught in schools
  • a spokesperson for desantis said the college board curriculum leaves gaps that allows teachers to teach ideological material to students
the national review applauded the move. this ap class promotes a leftist revision of history, including the idea that to be color blind is to be racist. it’s also anti-capitalist. this is a backdoor for critical race theory and extremist propaganda
  • the class clearly violates desantis’ stop woke act. the readings in the course push really extremist views
  • it promotes marxist and socialist views
  • the college board tried to keep the african american studies curriculum under wraps. but by rejecting the class in florida, desantis is spurring a much-needed public debate on the curriculum
  • other states should follow desantis’ example until the college board is forced to be very specific about what the curriculum involves
the daily beast: no way. florida’s department of education is choosing to censor important parts of history to the detriment of its students. it’s downright draconian!
  • adding an ap african american studies course would give students another way to earn college credit while still in high school
  • states *do* have the power to choose what gets taught at public schools. but florida’s dept of ed’s decision is just a gag order
  • a student’s right to take an african american studies course should be protected by the gvt
a miami herald op took issue with florida’s decision, too: banning african american history isn’t just “anti-woke” -- it’s also anti-black
  • desantis is infatuated w/ the idea of being anti-woke, but he can’t give a clear definition of what “woke” means!
  • but desantis’ crusade against all things woke is costing floridians money. 15 lawsuits cost the state $17m
  • desantis’ anti-woke mantra also hurts the ppl of color who live in florida
and a wapo op said that desantis’ opposition to college board’s ap african american studies program is one more example of florida’s creep to the right
  • florida officials are crusading against critical race theory (which is the idea that racism is a part of the infrastructure in america) bc the issue has been at the center of the right-wing culture wars
  • desantis is looking to reshape florida’s education system and make conservative political views the norm in classrooms
  • one florida professor said desantis’ changes presented an “existential threat” to the state’s education system
hot air thought florida had a point, tho: college board wanted to teach a biased version of history. teaching the facts of african american history is valuable, but we should do so without the indoctrination
  • even tho the subject of african american history is legit, the ideologies that are frequently taught alongside the history are radical leftist propaganda
  • by creating an ap african american history course, the college board is trying to spread a “woke agenda”
the wsj ed board agreed: the ap african american studies course is steeped in critical race theory. besides, the course wouldn’t be popular with florida voters. desantis did the right thing
  • the ap curriculum explores the case for reparations and the philosophy of the black lives matter movement. it also includes a text from a professor whose work is self-described as crt
  • the course is full of ideology and political agenda. it’s not really a history course
  • besides, african american history is already taught in public schools. american history *is* african american history
the ceo of college board defended the class in a letter to wsj: the african american course was created to give students an opportunity to interact with facts of history. students in the course think for themselves -- no indoctrination here
  • the course is intended to educate students about the african american experience. it’s not intended to spread political ideology
  • students don’t earn points in ap courses by thinking the same way
  • ap courses encourage students to come up w/ their own interpretations of history
but later, college board said it planned to edit the african american studies course framework. the final curriculum was released february 1
  • college board didn’t say whether or not the decision to revise the framework was in response to florida’s decision or not
  • the florida education department said the edits to the course were “welcome”
wapo reported the revisions include the removal of some left-leaning and feminist writers, and some softened language. but college board said the changes weren’t in response to desantis
  • the new curriculum removes mentions of writers like kimberlé w. crenshaw and angela davis
  • and some references to “the black feminist movement” were replaced w/ “black women’s voices in society”
  • but college board says the content of the course hasn’t changed, and that the curriculum is on par w/ other ap classes
  • unclear whether florida will accept or reject the changes