reuters says detransitioners -- aka people who stop or reverse a gender transition -- are a taboo topic in the lgbtq community. but many say detransitioners deserve the same supportive care as those who who transition. and they’re not getting it
  • dr. mackinnon, a trans man, used to dismiss the stories of detransitioners as offensive. but after talking to detransitioners, he felt that detransitioners were being failed by the medical and lgbtq community
  • trans advocates insist that detransitioners only make up a small proportion of trans ppl, and say the reason ppl detransition has to do w/ a transphobic society, not regret. they think detransitioners are overrepresented in media
  • but dr. mackinnon said there’s a real need for more research on detransitioners
the atlantic: leftwing media is deliberately ignoring the stories of people who detransition. but detransitioners deserve to have their experience shared
  • rightwing media has embraced detransitioners as proof that trans healthcare is dangerous. trans advocate groups have written off detransitioners as a negligible problem
  • researchers needs to take their experience into account. the rate of detransition is woefully understudied
  • approaching detransitioners w/ empathy could help the lgbtq and medical community create medical treatment that helps trans patients thrive in the long term
slate took issue with the atlantic article: detransitioners are exceedingly rare. they’re not an epidemic that threatens to undermine the legitimacy of trans medical care
  • getting a unanimously agreed-upon headcount for detransitioners is next to impossible bc ppl define detransitioners in diff ways. are detransitioners ppl who regret transitioning? or temporarily detransition? etc.
  • cis ppl mistakenly thinking they’re trans and undergoing a medical transition is really, really rare. a lot of detransitioners turn out to identify as nonbinary, not cis
  • detransitioners may need more support, but so do trans ppl. getting rid of the stigma around trans medical care would support both groups
and nbc news says that media stories about detransitioners do more harm than good: the media overrepresents them. plus, detransitioner stories feed into the misconception that trans people are confused or mentally ill
  • detransitioners are really, really, rare. when they do happen, it’s usually a temporary detransition or after facing pressure to detransition from a loved one or family member
  • experts say the detransitioner stories in the media are misrepresenting transgender health care as dangerous
  • detransitioners are often pitched as a reason to be hesitant about trans ppl
so how uncommon *are* detransitioners? a review from harvard medical school put the % of detransitioners at a little more than 1%. read the study here
  • the review looked at 27 diff trans studies
  • the % of ppl who regretted transmasculine and transfeminine surgeries was >1%
but reported that various studies share vastly different % bc different papers tend to define detransitioning differently
  • the % of detransitioners ranged from 24% to 13% to 6.9%
  • one thing’s for sure -- more research needs to be done on detransitioners to understand how common the phenom is and how the healthcare system can better support them
a substacker: even *if* their numbers are small, detransitioners need more coverage. the media is pushing a one-sided narrative that downplays the serious risks that come with medically transitioning
  • detransitioners often make the decision to transition bc doctors push it as a way to fix their mental health problems. when that doesn’t work, they regret transitioning
  • the medical community and media are feeding ppl one-sided stories about transition, and it’s to trans patients’ detriment
  • even if a small group of ppl are being harmed by medically transitioning, the media needs to acknowledge it
reddit users said most people looking to transition are well aware of the risks associated with transitioning. but society is transphobic, and the cost of maintaining a transition is high -- that could explain detransitioners. read the thread here yup, lots of people chose to detransition bc of transphobia. lowering the % of detransitioners starts with supporting trans people as a society
    • there are tons of reasons why someone may chose to detransition
    • lots of detransitioners will choose to retransition later in life
    • creating a society that’s accepting of everyone -- trans or not trans -- is key to supporting ppl who are experiencing gender dysphoria