google’s ai fears.

google’s ai fears.
nyt: the launch of openai’s chatgpt chatbot has google freaked. chatgpt threatens google’s search engine dominance, and its own ai projects
  • google’s bringing in the big guns: cofounders larry page and sergey brin were asked to consult on ai product strategy even tho they left their daily roles at google in 2019
  • google now plans to launch 20+ ai-powered products in 2023, including a version of its search engine w/ “chatbot features”
  • google’s been working on its many ai products for a long time now, but has been slow to roll them out. chatgpt is pushing them to launch
the verge: google’s had its own ai products in the work for ages now, but has been slow to roll them out because they wanted to be more cautious about ai tech. but now that chatgpt and dall-e are out there . . .
  • google has a bunch of ai products in the works: an image generation tool, a code generation tool, apps for testing product prototypes, and more
  • but until now, google’s ai philosophy has been kinda “move slow and don’t break anything” -- ai comes w/ a lot of ethical debates that google didn’t wanna be at the center of
  • but now that rivals like openai have launched publicly, the greater risk to google’s reputation is being left behind
insider agrees: google’s been afraid that chatgpt doesn’t have enough guardrails, will cause a bunch of problems, and destroy the public’s trust in ai products. but now, it has to pivot
  • google wants to portray itself as developing ai responsibly
  • it usually takes a much more cautious, controlled approach to rolling out ai products, compared to recent ai companies’ push to “democratize” ai
  • but now that tools like chatgpt and dall-e are out in the world, it’s prob too late for google’s slow and careful approach -- which is why it’s pivoting
barron’s says part of the freakout is that microsoft’s invested heavily in openai, the company behind chatgpt. google’s worried chatgpt will finally make micrsoft’s search engine bing happen
  • in 2019, microsoft invested $1b in openai -- and it’s in talks to invest even more, up to $10b
  • microsoft is already integrating some of openai’s image generation tools into its products, and many suspect it’ll integrate chatgpt and its search engine, bing, in the future
  • otoh, it may not be such a huge threat. for one, chatgpt still has serious accuracy issues. and siri voice search was also thought to be a competitor, but didn’t end up affecting google much it’s not just that it could lose market share to bing -- it’s that google could lose money if it itself used something like chatgpt. it relies on ad revenue, meaning it wants you to spend more time searching
  • microsoft has a bunch of diff revenue streams, but google relies mostly on ads from its search engine
  • adding an ai chatbot to its search engine could make it more efficient, meaning ppl will spend less time searching -- and less time looking at advertisements
gizmodo: the timing also isn’t great for google. its dominance over the digital ad market is already slipping. but it’s still way too early to count google out
  • for years, google + meta earned more than 50% of all digital ad spending -- now they’re below that 50% threshold for the first time since 2014
  • google still dominates, earning 28.8% of all digital ad $$, but it’s losing ground, in part to ai-powered rivals
  • but ofc, chatgpt isn’t a foolproof alternative (yet) -- it’s full of inaccuracies and biases that may push away users
yup, said 9to5google -- google has everything it needs to be competitive in the ai-powered search engine game. it’s just a matter of implementation
  • google has projects similar to openai -- large language models, image generators, etc. -- that are supposed to be excellent, but haven’t been released to the public
  • its mum (multitask unified model) is even more advanced than chatgpt -- it can chat, but also do stuff like interpret pictures
  • google’s challenge isn’t in the tech, but how to bring the new tech to customers in a useful and responsible way