kevin ❤️ mtg.

kevin ❤️ mtg.
speaker of the house kevin mccarthy is best buds with marjorie taylor greene. he said that she reminds him of “his friends from high school”. insider said the two have clashed bc of mtg’s far-right extremism. but now it seems their alliance is thriving -- and kevin needed her to become speaker
  • mccarthy’s rise to speaker of the house kept getting blocked by gop members. the opposition came from the freedom caucus, a group to which mtg also belongs
  • greene fiercely opposed motions from the freedom caucus to block mccarthy’s rise to speaker
  • in the past, greene and mccarthy were not so tight, and greene blamed mccarthy for revoking her committee assignments
the nyt said that mccarthy and mtg’s relationship was years in the making: mccarthy wanted to appeal to mtg’s rightwing supporters. and mtg wanted an influential figure in the gop to have her back
  • when mtg first came to congress, many ppl in the gop considered her politics extremist and toxic to the party’s image
  • thanks to mtg’s support of mccarthy, she’s made it to influential congressional committees
  • and the friendship’s also influenced mccarthy’s politics. he’s adopted some of greene’s political opinions
the new yorker wasn’t thrilled: mccarthy relied on support from extremists like mtg to get elected. now that he’s speaker, he’s gonna have to appeal to mtg’s extremist politics to get anything done
  • greene’s politics are extremist: she stokes political violence and conspiracy theories. but bc she supported mccarthy, house members are going to treat her as a sensible member of the gop
  • extremist beliefs are becoming normalized in the house, and that’s bad news bc extremism creates gridlock in congress
wapo suggested the friendship is part of mtg’s rebranding. she hasn’t changed her politics, but she wants to be both a populist leader and a part of gop leadership
  • greene aligned herself w/ mccarthy to stay relevant, and mccarthy fostered the friendship bc it would connect him to far-right members of the gop
  • greene’s decision to back mccarthy triggered some backlash from the rightwing members of the party. some felt she was becoming part of the swamp she promised to drain
  • but it seemed like mtg’s bet on mccarthy has paid off
otoh, the new republic doesn’t think mtg’s friendship with mccarthy means she’s rebranding -- it means the gop’s sunk even farther into extremism
  • greene used to be considered a conspiracy theorist among members of her own party
  • her ability to bridge the gap between influential members of the gop and hard right-wingers shows how normalized radical beliefs have become in the gop
  • she allied w/ mccarthy to make her seem normal. and it worked! partially bc greene’s politics have been normalized in the gop
npr had a diff take: mtg’s alliance with mccarthy was the result of mtg’s rebranding *and* an evolving republican party
  • during the 2022 midterms, greene started to appeal to mainstream republicans, not just the rightwing section of the party
  • she’s changed the way she presents herself and talks politics
  • and the republican party is also in a state of change. there’s a lot of “new blood” in the party, and that’s given mtg the chance to rise in the gop ranks
in any event, some of her base isn’t happy. this infowar caller called mtg a “fraud” for voting for mccarthy. watch the clip here
    but a fox op defended mtg: politics is about compromise. mtg decided to put her previous politics aside and support mccarthy, who she believes will put the best interests of conservatives first. good for her!
    • mtg could’ve stuck w/ her allies in the freedom caucus, but it ultimately wouldn’t have been best for the gop
    • she even renounced previous qanon theories she’s posted about in the past, saying she was sucked into internet rabbit holes
    • choosing mccarthy over the members of the freedom caucus went against mtg’s previous branding, but it proves that mtg really wants to get things done in congress