m&m’s drama.

m&m’s drama.
m&m’s cartoon spokescandies are officially on pause. some weren’t happy with changes m&m had made to the women m&m’s over the years. maya rudolph will be the new spokesperson for the brand -- the nyt
  • specifically, back in 2022, the green m&m traded her heels for sneakers, the brown m&m traded stilettos for flats
  • and new 2023 packaging featured a new “obese” purple m&m (who was really just a peanut m&m), put the heels back on green, but apparently made her a lesbian
tucker carlson was one of the leading critics. a year ago, he complained about the green and brown m&m’s becoming less sexy. this year, he was unhappy the green and brown m&m’s were portrayed as lesbians and that there was an “obese” new purple peanut m&m. wokeness, he said
  • rolling stone and a lot of twitter was also unhappy
  • daily beast wonders if the critics are happy they’re now gone forever
forbes said tucker played right into m&m’s hands -- “there is no louder, cheaper megaphone than a right-wing culture warrior yelling about ’wokeness’”
  • the “obese” purple m&m isn’t about inclusivity -- it’s just a peanut m&m, they’re all shaped like that
  • does anybody actually care if brands recycle buzzwords to make money? clearly they’re just in it for the cash
  • this is so unimportant in the grand scheme of things -- why can’t we focus on the real problems??
the new republic says the uproar was classic rightwing cancel culture -- why get offended over something this trivial?
  • tucker carlson has a history of criticizing m&m’s for their character redesigns
  • this is a really bizarre news cycle
but fox news didn’t understand why m&m’s had to go woke in the first place -- are candies really the place for identity politics?
  • some critics think their sales fell after going woke and now they’re trying to save face
  • the company clearly understands that many ppl didn’t like the stunt
and commentator nick adams was even more upset. the 2023 packaging featured women m&m’s only. that’s an attack on men -- it’s wokeness gone completely crazy!
  • the packaging is blatantly sexist
  • alpha males should boycott the candy
an msnbc op thought it was def a publicity stunt -- outrage attracts eyeballs! get ready for an interesting super bowl commercial...
  • it’s all about attention these days
  • but do they even need advertising? everybody knows m&m’s already
  • it’s sad that this is what the world is coming to
sfgate thought the outrage was hilarious, it’s such an unimportant issue. they wrote a satirical piece mocking the people upset over it, check it out here
  • the writer pretends to be an anti-woke critic
  • he mocks the focus on the candy -- clearly we should be paying attention to other stuff
  • he ends with the line “i’ll be ready to resume my m&m boycott provided i don’t get distracted by outrage at some other woke company”