måneskin is an italian rock band that skyrocketed in popularity when it won the 2021 eurovision song contest. in january 2023, they dropped a 3rd album, called “rush!”. abc news said the album proves the band is more than just a flash in the pan -- they’re “here to stay”
  • måneskin saw crazy success after their eurovision win, and won over tons of fans
  • their third album follows their rock and roll roots, but also experiments with indie and pop sounds. most songs are in english, some are in italian
  • their continued success shows they’re not just a one hit wonder
they’re prob best known for their cover of four seasons’ “beggin’” -- and their original song “i wanna be your slave”. give it a listen here
    yahoo: the band beat the odds and became the biggest eurovision stars since abba, despite all the naysayers telling them to change their sound
    • nobody thought an italian band that didn’t always sing in english and played “outdated” hard rock would become an international sensation
    • in an interview, the band said many ppl suggested they change their look or music and doubted they would be successful
    • but måneskin blew up practically overnight. bassist victoria de angelis says it’s bc they “didn’t try to conform to the market or something that was not authentic for us”
    rolling stone said they’re the only real rock band making it in the mainstream these days. they’re fun, edgy, and sexy -- but also, kinda try-hard, maybe?
    • their songs and general vibe are very sex, drugs, and rock and roll
    • their new album, rush!, goes extra over the top with those vibes, but also doesn’t take itself too seriously
    • overall, måneskin doing the most just “confirm[s] how hard rock & roll has to work these days to be noticed”
    for example, as part of their album rollout, the band staged a big wedding where they all married each other. they’re not actually legally married (obvio) but distractify said the stunt was a perfect marketing ploy
    • the 4 bandmates were “married” in a ceremony in rome performed by alessandro michele, the former creative director of gucci
    • 2 members wore dresses and 2 wore suits, and after they said their vows they all exchanged rings, kissed, then performed some songs for the audience
    • it’s obviously not a legal marriage, but a showy celebration of their commitment to the band -- and it got ppl talking!
    the atlantic isn’t a huge fan tho -- their music is mediocre and largely derivative, and their whole rock vs. pop schtick feels outdated. their real appeal is just in their aesthetics
    • måneskin doesn’t sound like it’s emulating real classic rock -- it sounds like it’s copying a copy of that classic rock
    • their first album was better, but rush! is kind of redundant and repetitive, not the total revolution some want to make it out to be
    • but the bandmembers are very hot and lean lean on that -- androgynous, eyeliner-ed, etc.
    • they’re more famous for their visuals (tv and tiktok appearances) than for their sound, really
    the guardian disagreed: their music, derivative or not, is definitely a huge part of the appeal. they manage to combine a whole bunch of diff influences into something coherent, fresh, and fun
    • is it derivative? maybe, in the sense that they clearly pull from tons of diff influences. there’s hard rock, 2000s pop, indie rock a la the killers and franz ferdinand, some nods to nirvana
    • but that’s what makes them so good for the “post-genre, non-tribal i-like-a-bit-of-everything era of streaming”
    • they pull together a ton of different influences and sounds into something that’s, coherent, and feels oddly effortless instead of over-produced
    and måneskin told esquire, they don’t care if people think it’s stale or been done before. they’re just doing “what feels good in the moment” -- and it def feels new for many of their younger fans
    • måneskin’s fanbase is very diverse -- tiktok teens, middle-aged rock fans, queers, and italians are well-represented
    • many of their fans come precisely to see them do what’s been done before: guitar solos, crowd surfing, glam rock outfits, etc.
    • and for the younger fans, none of it feels stale or old since they never really experienced the rock heyday