no pants.

no pants.
bella hadid and other gen z fashion icons are ditching pants for tights and briefs. usa today said it’s zoomer’s way of challenging conventional fashion
  • wearing tights w/o anything over them may seem really risque -- but it’s a lot like wearing a swimsuit
  • it’s similar to the anti-bra movement. ppl are infatuated w/ the idea of going pantsless bc it challenges conventional norms and feels rebellious
  • usa today still doesn’t recommend you show up pantsless to the office, tho
ny post shared pics of kendall jenner, tswift, tessa thompson and other fashion-forward celebs who rocked pantsless fits. fashion brands also showcased the trend in 2023 collections
  • ppl in kendall jenner’s comments wondered if they could pull off forgetting to wear pants
  • celebs wore bodysuits, undies, and tights while embracing the trend
  • bottega veneta and del core showcased pantsless looks on the runway
this tiktoker’s not sure if people are liking the no pants look bc it’s fashionable. . . or bc it looks good on kendall jenner tried going pantsless for a night out and had a positive experience: it adds a sexy twist to the outfit!
    • the author paired the no-pants look w/ a big black fur coat
    • she said she felt confident and chic
    a writer for the sun also tried it: it felt wrong. people were staring. and most bystanders said they weren’t a fan of the look -- even if it was “fashion-forward”
    • the look’s not very cold-weather friendly, either
    • the author asked some ppl what they thought of her pantsless look. most ppl didn’t like it, but a few were on board
    • but the author did say she thought more ppl would disapprove of the outfit
    if you really wanna try the no-pants look, byrdie had some tips. check ’em out here
    • you can wear the no-pants look for a night out on the town, or just to make your fit more cozy-looking
    • most of the looks paired an oversized top w/ the undies