quitting elon’s twitter.

quitting elon’s twitter.
shortly after elon took the helm at twitter, some celebs decided it was time to jump ship -- they deleted their twitter account
  • some celebs cited elon as the reason they were leaving, others left w/o an explanation
  • politicians and actors alike left the platform
is it really time to quit tweeting? this wapo op thinks so: elon’s gonna turn twitter over to the trolls. time to bounce
  • elon wants us to think he’s pro-free speech on twitter, but he’s really just pro-hate speech. elon himself tweeted a distasteful and untrue conspiracy theory about the attack on nancy pelosi’s husband
  • he has too much power and influence, and he’s rooting for bullies
whoopi goldberg said she’s quitting twitter until further notice. hot air thinks that’s a bit extreme: why not just use the block button?
  • whoopi said she’s leaving the site on the view, and her co-hosts all seem to agree that twitter can be a miserable site to spend time on
  • but hot air thinks she’ll be back eventually
  • hot air also thinks that protecting free speech on twitter shouldn’t be criticized so harshly
piers morgan writes in an ny post op: people are overreacting. elon’s gonna *fix* twitter by rolling back unfair censorship. if you’re really that upset about it, good riddance!
  • this is all part of an effort by left-wingers to shame and censor opinions they disagree w/
  • before elon’s takeover, the left defended twitter’s censorship bc“it’s a private company”. now, they want the site shut down. how ironic!
  • it’s great that elon is ready to lead twitter into becoming a more inclusive space. anyone who disagrees is just being a crybaby
but another wapo op says people are “quitting” twitter just to make a statement. no one’s really gonna leave the site for good -- it’s all for show
  • when ppl are unhappy w/ american politics, they threaten to move to canada. but that’s a long and difficult process, so no one actually does it
  • twitter’s an online community. it’s only as good as the people who’re on twitter. it’s impossible to replicate anywhere else
  • twitter could be a bad website, but if the right ppl are on it, we’ll continue to log on
wired said some twitter quitters were kinda cringey: tweeting a goodbye to the “hellscape” of twitter is unnecessary. if you’re gonna leave, just leave
  • wired lists all the overused ways ppl signed off on twitter
  • ppl have plugged myspace accounts, mastodon accounts, and even substacks
the atlantic also thinks a max exodus is unlikely: users prob won’t leave unless the site *actually* gets *a lot* worse, and there are better options available
  • in 2018, when ppl were upset w/ fb, #deletefacebook was trending. but that didn’t spur ppl to *actually* leave fb
  • but twitter is going through a period of transition thanks to elon. more right-wing users seem to be coming back to the site
  • but “push” factors don’t seem to be enough of an incentive for ppl to leave social media sites. if ppl were to leave twitter, another site has to “pull” them in
wired offers a compromise for people who wanna quit twitter but don’t *really* wanna quit twitter: quiet quit! make fewer tweets, and commit to lurking for a while
  • tweeting users are responsible for around 50% of twitter’s revenue
  • if you really wanna talk to your online friends, consider communities on discord or mastodon
  • don’t pay for any extra features on twitter
this twitter user is taking a stand against elon’s twitter by *not* quitting. read their tweet here
    and conversation mag thinks it would be better if people didn’t quit twitter: the death of twitter would be a major bummer. the site’s a great resource for researchers and the public!
    • twitter archives give researchers and policymakers a lot of data about public opinion and human behavior
    • for instance, researchers have been able to measure public opinion about paying for climate change policy by using the data available from twitter’s archives
    • during emergencies, twitter can also be a quick and effective way to get eyewitness accounts of disasters
    otoh, an unherd op’s hoping *everyone* quits twitter: blast its servers into the sun, elon! twitter is evil
    • right-wingers see elon’s twitter as a chance to reclaim a social media site that has long discriminated against conservative views
    • but the reality is *everyone* would be better off if twitter didn’t exist
    • nowadays, journalism feels like a performance tailored to the opinions of ppl on twitter
    • and twitter’s made it necessary for every public figureto share their opinion on world events. it’s unhealthy
    but maybe it doesn’t really matter how many *users* quit twitter. a nyt op writes that twitter’s survival hinges on whether or not advertisers stick with the site
    • if misinfo runs rampant on the site, advertisers could choose not to show ads on twitter -- and twitter needs ads in order to stay free
    • advertisers take the rep of a site into account when deciding where to show their ads. they don’t wanna seem controversial by association
    • a completely unregulated twitter makes for unpredictable content, and it’s not clear if advertisers would be up for that
    wired writes that embracing porn could save twitter. and if the site goes all-in on nsfw content, it’ll make it that much easier to quit
    • porn’s always been a part of twitter -- even if the site hasn’t fully embraced the porn label in the past
    • and since elon’s relaxed content restrictions, top advertisers have stopped associating themselves w/ twitter
    • to make money, elon’s floated the idea of having a subscription-based model for twitter stars. sounds a lot like onlyfans!
    • the author says twitter’s transition to porn would make quitting it (for her at least) much easier
    the nyt has good-ish news for elon-haters: he’s flying the coop. in late december, elon announced that he will step down as ceo when he finds a replacement. but even tho he won’t be ceo, he’ll still own the company
    • the nyt says it’s not clear how much elon stepping down would change. even if he’s not a ceo, he’ll still own twitter
    • elon said that after he steps down, he plans to “run the software & servers teams”