quiz me! jan 20

quiz me! jan 20
hey there trivia nerd! wanna see how much you know about this week’s news? here are 10 questions, keep up if you can!
    ukraine’s foreign minister died in an accident, along with 13 others. what kind of accident was it?
    • a helicopter crash
    • ukrainian officials are investigating the crash
    • the minister, denys monastyrsky, was one of zelensky’s trusted advisers
    an a-list actor is facing involuntary manslaughter charges after a woman died on the set of “rust”. who is the actor?
    • alec baldwin
    • the film’s armorer, hannah gutierrez-reed, also faces charges
    • baldiwn has expressed his innocence -- he says he didn’t know the gun was loaded, and it was the job of the armorer to give him a safe prop
    prime minister jacinda ardern announced she would step down. what country does she lead?
    • new zealand
    • she said a leader needs “ full tank plus a bit in reserve for those unexpected challenges”
    • in her opinion, she doesn’t have that
    • her party, the labor party, will elect a new leader on jan 21st
    which country announced that their population declined for the first time since 1960?
    • china
    • the chinese gvt said 10.41m people died in 2022, and 9.56m people were born
    • india is poised to overtake china as the most populous country
    which tech company announced they will lay off 10k workers?
    • microsoft
    • the ceo said the move is in response to the global economic slowdown
    • the last major layoff for the company was in 2014
    72 people, including 4 americans, died in a plane crash in which country?
    • nepal
    • there were no survivors
    • the plane crashed only a few minutes before landing
    which country said it would send tanks to ukraine only if the u.s. did?
    • germany
    • several nato allies want germany to send their leopard 2 tanks, which many consider to be the best battle tanks in the world
    • but germany says they’ll only do it if the u.s. send their m1 abrams tanks -- the u.s. says that’s not gonna happen
    wes moore was sworn in as the first black governor of which state?
    • maryland
    • moore is a democrat
    • he beat republican challenger dan cox by 33 percentage points
    police arrested the alleged boss of which major international crime org?
    • cosa nostra, the italian mafia
    • he was on the run for 30 years
    • his name is messina denaro
    sister andre, the world’s oldest person, died in france. how old was she -- 109, 118, 121, or 122?
    • 118
    • she lived through both world wars
    • she was born in 1904!