smart doorbells.

smart doorbells.
smart doorbells -- i.e., doorbells with a camera connected to the internet -- are pretty popular these days, and there are a range of options. should you get one?
  • some people get smart doorbells for security
  • others get them for package deliveries
  • there are a wide range of options -- wired vs battery, audio+video vs just video, etc.
business insider says the cams are changing the way divorce lawyers and police officers work -- more cheating spouses are getting caught red-handed, but the cams also make it harder for police to do surveillance
  • many spouses are wising up to the benefits of smart doorbells -- they know it’s hard to deny an affair if there’s video proof
  • people can also use the cams to see if they’re being surveilled from the street
house digest is anti -- the high cost, tech problems, and hacking possibilities make it a bad investment
  • a normal doorbell is free
  • it opens you up to privacy concerns -- what if somebody hacks it and get footage of you?
  • they can make you paranoid too
this delivery driver hates ’em -- how would you like to be filmed at work? plus, if you fall down in the driveway the clip could totally end up on the internet
  • delivery drivers have hard jobs
  • they often talk on the phone -- the door cams can capture those convos
but says they’re worth the peace of mind -- it’s nice having an extra eye looking over your house
  • it can deter criminals
  • you can talk to delivery ppl if needed
  • there are some inexpensive options out there too
slash gear says get one -- you can keep an eye on deliveries, unexpected visitors, and prevent porch package theft
  • you can tell a delivery person to leave their package if you’re not home
  • they’re easy to install
  • night vision is an option too -- very nice
wsj thinks they might not be worth the risk bc of hackers. yeah, you can see who is at your door, but so could somebody who accessed your smart doorbell remotely. they could be watching you!
  • it’s a false sense of security
  • somebody could access the footage to figure out your routine
  • it could contribute to a surveillance state
pocket lint disagrees, you just have to pick the right one for you -- do you want motion detection? do you prefer hardwired or battery powered? take the time to choose, and you’ll be happy with your choice
  • some come w/ intercom features
  • storage matters too -- some have sd cards, others use the cloud
  • if you go w/ battery powered make sure it’s a long-lasting one