subtitles on?

subtitles on?
should you use subtitles while watching content? this redditor says naw, keep em off -- they ruin immersion! hearing a line delivered by a great actor is so much better than reading it off the screen
  • even when you miss some dialogue, it’s immersive and raw
  • some commenters disagreed -- you can watch the movie and read the subtitles at the same time
falcon gaming is anti for video games too -- they’re distracting, and sometimes they give you info you’re not supposed to know (i.e. a line deliberately given in a foreign language)
  • they also ruin your screenshots
  • you’ll miss out on the nuances of the characters
but wapo is hardcore pro subtitle. you’re bound to miss some dialogue. also, reading the subtitles gives you a window into the screen writing -- that’s totally awesome
  • for a while, ppl thought americans didn’t like subtitles -- but parasite’s massive success challenged that
  • they make you appreciate actors more, not less
  • you get to interpret the lines in many diff ways
preply is cool with them, and says it’s a generational thing too. the youngsters love subtitles -- the older crowd, not so much
  • 50% of americans watch content w/ subtitles on most of the time
  • it’s 70% for gen zers
  • gen x and boomers are least likely to watch subtitles
wired adds that our subtitle obsession is a result of audio tech advancements -- modern mics they use are too damn sensitive, you can hear every little noise in the scene. the subtitles help you single out the dialog. but they do dampen the quality of the content
  • some actors are just hard to understand too, like stallone
  • subtitles can help you fill in the gaps
  • but they aren’t a good long term solution
cnet says keep em on all the time! they help when the movie is mixed poorly, and they’re crucial for foreign films (unless you want to listen to the cruddy dubs)
  • your mind will be opened if you watch foreign films
  • the writer wants subtitles in real life
  • you are definitely gonna miss stuff w/o subtitles
but studio ghibli creator hayao miyazaki actually prefers english speakers to watch his anime films dubbed with no subtitles -- that way you can enjoy the beautiful animation!
  • the studio spent a ton of time on the art -- it’s meant to be enjoyed fully
  • the dubs are really good too, which is kinda rare for anime