tony dungy’s tweet.

tony dungy’s tweet.
yahoo news reported that nbc football analyst and former nfl coach tony dungy tweeted -- then deleted -- a post about kids identifying as cats nowadays. after uproar from the lgbtq community, he apologized
  • dungy tweeted that “some school districts are putting litter boxes in school bathrooms for students who identify as cats”
  • it was a response to a minnesota state rep advocating for menstrual products in boys bathrooms
  • the cat litter story began circulating months earlier in some conservative circles
  • in his apology he said he wanted to be “a force for healing and reconciliation-not for animosity”
outsports called him “the most publicly anti-lgbt person in nfl history”. his anti-trans tweet wasn’t simply a careless mistake, it was plain malicious
  • dungy has a long history of anti-lgbtq sentiment, but this tweet takes his transphobia to a whole new level
  • it wasn’t a religious stance, it was just plain “nasty”
  • nbc needs to hold him accountable
yep, he’s been an “anti-gay bigot” for years, wrote an op in the nation. and it’s confusing bc he’s widely considered “a man of character” who preaches forgiveness and love
  • he was the first black head coach to win a super bowl
  • he encouraged ppl to forgive former nfl star ray rice for assaulting his partner
  • but his record on lgbtq issues runs counter to his other forms of advocacy
  • it’s a shame that the nfl and nbc don’t seem to care
and a usa today op said the tweet showed his true colors -- if he were a real christian he’d be leading with love
  • nearly half of youth identifying as trans or non-binary report being cyber-bullied or harassed
  • a 2022 trevor project survey said over 50% have seriously considered suicide
  • a true christian would support these kids, not make them feel like they don’t belong
  • where is dungy’s compassion?
but outkick argued that just bc dungy isn’t “waving a rainbow flag” doesn’t mean he isn’t christian. it’s not right to attack christians over something like this
  • liberals don’t care that dungy apologized
  • they’re choosing instead to attack an entire religion bc of his tweet
  • that’s super extreme, and very opportunistic
  • dungy’s cat litter tweet hardly merits such dramatic reactions
sportswriter jason whitlock said the dungy backlash is part of an “anti-god agenda”. he called on christians to stand up and defend him
  • whitlock tweeted: “the backlash against tony dungy is well-orchestrated and not remotely organic. the motive is to outlaw a biblical worldview. the anti-god agenda is so strong and obvious. i’m so sick of alleged christians sitting silent while someone like tony has his character assassinated”
while both the comeback and multiple twitter users said his apology looked like he literally cut and pasted it from a text someone else sent him
  • it was a non-apology -- he didn’t say anything about his og tweet being untrue or mention the lgbtq community
  • and it sure seems like he didn’t write it!
  • one person said, “tweeting a screenshot of a received grey imessage with literal quotations around it as an apology is more disrespectful than almost anything i’ve ever seen”
see his tweeted apology here
    nbc didn’t comment on the issue, even tho many called for dungy to face some kind of consequence. he was back on the air as usual --
    • nbc totally looked the other way on this
    • one person tweeted that they wouldn’t be watching nbc football anymore and said dungy “should face consequences for gleefully spreading hateful conspiracy theories”
    • why does he have free rein to say whatever he wants and not face consequences?